Friday 20 January 2017

Create a fast and easy Movie using Google Photos

Maldon in the Wind
With so many ways to make videos these days, and with little or no edit skills - what’s an easy and fast way to get your message across?

Step One - Take a camera, like a mobile phone, stand still and take a few, nicely composed photos.

Do the same with some short stationary video clips, 5-20 seconds is ideal. For every stationary video clip, make sure you choose a wide, medium and close shot.

And for every 5 video clips that are stationary, record a slow pan or zoom. Remember, the viewer will have real trouble seeing any close objects when you pan, so SLOW DOWN - it also stops people feeling dizzy.

After that upload the photos and clips to This is really easy as the App on Android/iOS will offer an auto upload button.

Next, follow these simple instructions, or click top right settings then Movie. If you have created an Album select all photos/videos you want and tap the + at the top and Create New Movie.

And that’s it. On my reckoning, for every five minutes of video, Google Photos may create 60 secs of auto Movie.

So at 20% of original length you also spare your friends and audience the pain of sitting through long clips ie 5-10 mins.

You can play around with the style, the music and edit any clips to trim or delete.

Below is a Playlist of some video I made earlier.

Where the real reason for this post emerged from how impressed I was with a few of these tailor made videos.

I was like, REALLY, like REALLY -- that is good enough to just post and share -- why should I bother opening up Desktop Vegas or Android PowerDirector when this clip just nailed what happened!

Of course it’s impossible or at least ‘quite hard’ with decent photos or video clips. The Maldon in the Wind is a good example where I was already on a bike ride, so naturally documented what I saw as I travelled the footpath.

The Google algorithm did the hard work linking the clips, look for the pirate flag..still image followed immediately to the video clip - that is no accident, just powerful software on the google servers.

The real test comes to judge whether the end Movie tells a story. There are tons of audio music clips to choose from. Google will offer a dozen that may fit.

In terms of learning theory, I would say have NO WORDS to listen to aids learning and consumption of the slideshow aka film.

How many times have you ever been engrossed in the beauty of a photo, yet have some friend natter over the top, ‘this is the beach and that is the bar, there’s a volcano in the background’ … / Really ya think!? I can see that..

As an extension, take a few post it notes and a sharpie with you - take a photo of a sign marked ‘Museum’ or ‘The Old Bridge’ and add those slides to the movie later ..

Perhaps I can try that soon

Refs: Google Photos Create a Movie Help Page. Get the App for Android or iOS and desktop uploaded too ..

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