Friday 12 January 2018

G Suite New Ideas New Ways to use Apps on Mobile and Desktop

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G Suite New Ideas New Ways to use Apps on Mobile and Desktop

This is a collection of ideas I have found using Gogle Docs, Slides, Drawings.

Techniques that can be used in these G Suite Apps whether on Desktop or Mobile - usually where new things crop up that were only available in other desktop software.

Examples like: making a simple collage, adding a border to a photo, drop shadows and reflections etc..

And also the subtle differences between working on the same doc on desktop or mobile. There is a new playlist below.

As those who follow me will know, I screen recorder my mobile and desktop to make video lessons. G Suite Apps presented on the android split screen provide a new way to get a serious message out in a fast way - something would take many hours to video edit.

When Android Nougat 7.0 introduced Split Screen (around mid 2016) there were many hit and fade news articles - but very little case study examples. It worries me how we live in a BIG NEWS OMG WOW one hour and all is forgotten the day after.

using Camera and Keep notes on split screen

edit, One example of a decent split screen case study is Android N Split Screen Feature where the guy talks through maps, camera, photos, keep, twitter, youtube etc. I particularly like the CAMERA - KEEP use where he film a video AND read his script, just like a teleprompter ..

I have 841 public videos at my youtube channel - there are many more on G Suite Drive Docs, these two have been popular..

  • How to embed a video stored in Google Drive using iframe 3 Nov 14
  • How to use Google Docs Voice Typing 8 Sep 15


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