Friday 10 December 2010

The Kenilworth Weekly News (in print) Friday 10 Dec 10

So what's in the newspaper this week? The KWN has 88 pages (excluding the property section). That gives seven pages of news. Let me explain, we have: the front page, page 3, 5, 7, 9, 24 and 25. That is not say Kenilworth and it's People are not mentioned anywhere else, but pages that have been printed specifically with Kenilworth in mind. How do we know? Easy, just look for the code of MHC3 on the top of the page near the page number.

How about some stories then? On the front page we have High Street lights turned on and the Police moving into the library. Page 3: Carrie Catterall (reporter from the KWN) having a desk in the library on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of each week (perhaps I should have one too?) This article gives two landline numbers for Carrie, but no mobile number or twitter address (I know Carrie's Twitter username, but will not publish it unless I am allowed see @wiKenilworth) - a shame as mobiles and texting are all the rage these days, especially for fast breaking stories. If you have a story email or tweet me.

A quick read of the rest of the pages  sees eight stories on page 3, another eight on page 5, five on page 7, five on page 9, six letters on page 24 and two nostalgia articles on page 25...36 in total. Yes I know, what does that mean? It means in a Kenilworth population of say 26,000 (?) (and all the people who come to work here too), we have one story for every 1,000 people - surely we can do better than that.  On a personal note, I am a massive fan of any local newspaper. But sadly, in this digital revolution, print newspapers are closing in their thousands - making happen is one of my main motivations in seeing that the people and small businesses in Kenilworth have a voice and a way of expressing their news and views. And as if my magic, the KWN website has finally published the digital version of the newspaper - at 3.00pm.

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