Monday 20 December 2010

Warwickshire Library have 186 eBooks - here's how to get them

Step One - Go to the eBook page and login with your Library ticket number and online password (don't have one, join the Library)

Step Two - Have a look around, there are 186 titles and on a first browse, I can see Michael McIntyre, Stephen Fry and Susan Boyle

Step Three - I guess, as they are eBooks, they are always in stock and never loaned out by someone else (how great is that). 

Step Four - Click to Add One to your basket, let's try the Michael's out on loan and and will not be back until about 24 Jan 2011. I guess it is some copyright law. Yes, it's called an eBook license see FAQs 

Step Five - In my view, it should clearly say on the Welcome Page that if a book is on loan you cannot have it - virtual eBook or not. Well, at least you have read this post and know that now. Of the six titles I clicked on, four were already on loan. My tip - download the free kindle for pc and see what you download as a free sample and secondly use Project Gutenberg which has been around since 1971 and has all the non copyright titles (33,000 titles). For example, if you want the complete works of William Shakespeare be my guest.

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