Monday 28 February 2011

Are Johnston Press aka The Courier Series trying to pull a Fast One?

What's the difference between The Kenilworth Weekly News, The Leamington Courier and The Warwick Courier? Besides the front page - very little. So, you pay the increased cover price of 55p and buy one paper - but what if you buy all three...and line them up?

Take a look at the graphic on the right - all editions have 76 pages (with the property section gone). We find The KWN has a unique front page and six other unique pages. The Leamington and Warwick Courier have unique front pages and only two other unique pages. The rest are common to all three papers except for page 3 and 9 where they get a Courier page (but Kenilworth doesn't). Pretty poor when you think Leamington has 20,000 more people than Warwick. So, if you are The Editor of these three papers - please get in touch and tell me I am wrong. And if I'm not - get in touch anyway. For those who do not know, all three titles are owned by Johnston Press (Northampton Newspapers). wiK values your comments.

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