Thursday 10 February 2011

Job Search Kenilworth - Job Centre Plus (live data: 10 Feb at 10.30am)

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Three days ago, I was told by that the Leamington Spa Job Centre Plus had 368 live jobs and 2,000 people registered as Job Seekers. So, how many of those Jobs are in Kenilworth? Let's find out. The only way to search from the Job Centre is at (you can visit a Job Centre, but as we already know - there isn't one, so it's into Kenilworth Library on a PC or see the Job Centre on a Thursday 2-4pm at Warwickshire Direct (which is in Kenilworth Library anyway).

So, from the main search box, we enter KENILWORTH and select distance as 1 mile. Search returns an automatic post code of CV8 2HD and 5 Jobs. Repeated the search with 2 miles = 24 Jobs,  5 miles = 28 Jobs and 15 miles = 32 Jobs. At this point, I would like to show list all those here for you - and I will try. But, for some reason there is no way to simply copy and paste them. Why? Because the data base is outdated and needs replacing. Most other data these days comes with a Atom or RSS Feed where the data can be embedded in any website (for an example of a feed, read the News at the very bottom of this website). 

So to sum up, I am looking for a way to list ALL LIVE Job Centre vacancies here. At this stage, I do not have the complete answer, but in writing this post, I have just learned of, and which claimed to list jobs from all major job boards in the UK. For example,  I will investigate this and report back. I welcome any reader comments.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for included JobHits to your list.

    For all jobs in Kenilworth, you can visit here:

    JobHits has about 40 jobs in Kenilworth. But please note that we only list live jobs, which are about 15 days old max.

    We are looking forward for your further report!

  2. Brilliant!

    I can't wait to try this out in my local area - especially as the unemployment minister visiting today.

    Well done.


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