Friday 4 February 2011

Kenilworth Library and some Blue Sky Thinking

For just a moment - let's forget all about the cuts and pretend we are standing in Abbey End and wondering what to do and what's open. At the top of the pack is The Almanac - it's open for a massive 108 hours a week, then it's Subway 74 hrs, Blockbuster 69 hrs, Starbucks 67 hrs and then Kenilworth Library with 51 hrs. But, with these impending cuts 16 hrs may have to be carved off which leaves 35hrs a week.

Library Opening Hours Feb 2011
So, let's try out this Blue Sky Thinking where anything is possible. How about instead of cutting 16 hours there could be a way to increase the library opening hours to 70 hours a week. I am awaiting a breakdown of the library usage stats and what the finances look like. Yes, we all know there are no funds - so, it's up to doing what the rest of Abbey End do: sell coffee and food (food and drink has been allowed in the library for a while now), push back the wheeled bookcases and stage events like comedy nights or music, invite people to speak, hold seminars on any subject (blogging may be useful). Ask for donations or set a ticket price - it does not matter, as soon as the doors open, money could be made not lost. Who would volunteer for a few hours a week to help? Have a look at the table and see if you want to lose many green squares or create a need and fill it with some active Kenilworth People. More to Follow. See Save Our Libraries Day 5 Feb 2011

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  1. Totally agree; libraries need to adapt to be wider community spaces to meet changing demands. Our little one loves events such as rhyme time which are run in the children’s section.

    I think its also important to keep the focus on use of the library; I have been a bit worried about the proposed push to electronic books as why would any one come when they can just download books from home?


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