Monday 11 April 2011

Warwickshire Libraries WCC Proposal v Two Alternatives

Today is Day 25 (of 84) of the Consultation. At the last Public Meeting (Dunchurch), WCC Libraries showed a few slides with some statistics, but have never produced one visualisation. By that I mean a bar chart or a graph. As humans, we think in pictures. It helps us understand the world. And for that reason, I have produced 19 Facing the Challenge Charts, 11 Library Online Statistics Charts, 4 Meeting and Roadshow tables and 36 other Library posts at this site.

I now believe the Warwickshire People are being misled and WCC are failing to provide all the information to as many people as possible so they can understand the issue. Coming up with this £100,000 three weeks into the process is one example of that. For this reason, I have emailed County and offered all of my charts for their use - so far, they have not replied. I simply said, if my data is accurate - then can we ALL not use it?

See this chart where the current WCC Proposals, have Rugby Library cut by 7%, Leamington 8%, Alcester and Nuneaton 9% and 16 other libraries have cuts of 100% which means closure.

From WCC Libraries Proposal v Alternatives

The next chart shows that the same savings can be made by taking a 33% cut from the largest six libraries. This would keep ALL libraries open.

From WCC Libraries Proposal v Alternatives

The final chart shows an equal saving of 22% across all libraries to achieve the same savings. I am fully aware that this may of been suggested to the WCC Cabinet.

From WCC Libraries Proposal v Alternatives

All Charts are Created and Sourced from the WCC Facing the Challenge data. Any inaccuracies, let me know. NOTE: Warwick, Wolston and Stockingford percentages have been estimated as data was missing from the original WCC file (making little difference to the overall result). [NOTE2: This is version 02 as an there was an error with the Stratford data]

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