Thursday 2 May 2013

Mohammed Saleem Press Conference: How West Midlands Police made history this morning at YouTube while searching for a murderer

+West Midlands Police made Press Conference history today LIVE at YouTube.

In a Google world where fast is better than slow (on the web or in catching a murder), anyone can become their own media company.

Let me make it clear, the most important message in this post is for the family of Mohammed Saleem to see the killer brought to justice.

25-45% of  all videos viewed at YouTube are on mobile (my One Channel post and Portrait of a Smartphone user Aug 2012). So, creating a press conference that streams straight to someone's pocket is sensible.

However, 67% of those mobiles views are at home (in the lounge or the bedroom) as a second screen. That means, a person is sitting in the same room as a switched on TV, but uses the mobile too.

What is happening at YouTube on their lap will not reach TV until a few hours or even half a day later.

The slides in this post show how Google favours a LIVE Video and rewards that in Search. We also have a few new features with Google+ Hangouts like a LIVE Rewind button that gives the audience complete control.

So, if you arrive at the LIVE feeds a few minutes late, one click restarts the broadcast (similar to sky or cable TV). Another click and you are LIVE again. As you drag the slider, mini thumbnails appear giving you a visual clue on what you have missed (TV does not do this).

We can also see YouTube generates a snapshot of the broadcast and places that at the YouTube LIVE page giving you an instant glimpse in the program.

Finally, this is free. Anyone can do this. If you are a UK or Global Police Force - ask me how to get started.

We already have officer +Scott Mills of the +Toronto Police Service who uses backpack journalism to stream similar press conferences and reports from the street. We also have +Kerry Blakeman from +West Midlands Police already using LIVE at YouTube with more planned broadcasts this month.

Let me leave you with the Press Conference as it happened and the accompanying CCTV of a man and a vehicle.

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