Monday 19 April 2010

So who are the Election Candidates for Kenilworth?

I've been avoiding anything to do with the election at all. I noticed the BBC News website had a new ELECTION 2010 section and that made it even worse. There I was skipping TV channels last Thursday evening and thought I would give the debate five minutes.

And like the rest of the country, I am saying in a typical Brucey way - Didn't he do well. I am now a big fan of Nick Clegg (I don't think I have ever seen him speak before that night). For the whole program (and still right now), I have no idea at all who to vote for.

So who are the candidates for Kenilworth and Southam? A quick google search gives us the BBC and Coventry Evening Telegraph as two trusted sources (The Kenilworth Weekly News gives us a promise of 'Election candidates: The full list - Your choice at the ballot box,' but when we click it gives a list for 2007. Oops - not really, sorry to say there is no relationship between a paper KWN and the website (I will be writing about that very soon and spilling as many digital beans as I can).

This website is all about how we find digital stuff and if you cannot be found on Google then you do not exist. Sorry, but that's the way it is (see my other site The Mike Downes Page for all about the that). I've had personal email replies from two of the candidates (yes, I know you know who you are) and one of the top three - nothing. Shame really - I vote soon. So to the list then, we have (in alphabetical order) James Harrison, Nicholas Milton, John Moore, Nigel Rock and Jeremy Wright.

James Harrison - Green
Nicholas Milton - Labour
John Moore - UK Independence Party
Nigel Rock - Liberal Democrat
Jeremy Wright - Conservative

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  1. Jeremy Wright does a column in one of the local papers, but other than that I hadn’t heard anything from him until a Conservative flyer was put on my doorstep the other day. Note – doorstep. If his people can’t be bothered to go to the effort of pushing it through the letterbox, and therefore avoid littering the street, then it doesn’t bode well for getting my vote.

    Rather more impressed with Nigel Rock and his team, though. We get Lib Dem updates through the letterbox every two months or so, election or not, and they’re actually quite useful for providing updates on local issues (better written than the local paper, too).

    Nicholas who? (comment from Peter Kirwan)


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