Sunday 18 April 2010

How did I do this? Polaroids and Bookshelves

At the top of this page is a bookshelf made from many photographs of Kenilworth shop signs - cropped, rotated and arranged. On the left is a Polaroid of the five political parties I made a few moments ago. So how did I do it? If I can - anyone can. Here's how:

Go to any web page or Google images will be fine. Take a screen shot (I use the Snipping Tool in Vista). Open Google Picasa, select images, create a collage. Save as an image, make another collage, use a polaroid border this time. Rotate and save again. It's done.

That was the fast version. Over at The Mike Downes Page you can get the deeper version. My aim is to get as many people as possible to know how to do all of this (if they want to).

I have taught children in primary schools for years. There is no faster moving area than technology. It is the children who can move the fastest - adults try to think too much and feel they will break stuff. They can't. I am lucky and I know it when it comes digital stuff - it makes sense to me. I know that for others it is not, that's why I want to help everyone, to give as much knowledge away for free as possible. I would like to hear from any bloggers in Kenilworth. Email me or subscribe to these sites - let's work together and make it happen.

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