Tuesday 1 June 2010

What's in Kenilworth? is growing without any advertising at all

As of a few minutes ago (Tues 1st June 2010 at 1pm), I have made 170 posts to this site.  There have been 606 website visits with 1,660 page views at 2.74 pages per visit with an average time of 5 mins 44 secs per visit according to Google Analytics (in the last 8 weeks).

What does this mean? Well, without doing any advertising at all people are finding and using this site. I have relied on knowing that people will search the web (mostly using Google). For example, 50% of visitors have come from a web search (from 15 countries with 580 visits from the UK) which means this site has a growing readership.

I have many more businesses to add and many many more articles to post.  Many Thanks for Supporting this new website.

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