Friday 22 October 2010

Kenilworth School Newsletter 22 October 2010

Newsletter now available for Friday 22 Oct 2010

Our year 8 students have had a very rewarding experience at Manor
Adventure. We see this week as one of the most significant team building
events for the development of social relationships for pupils in year 8. It is
hard work for all the students with physically demanding activities, but they
learn the importance of participation and effort during the week.

I mentioned in a previous newsletter that we are planning to improve our
security on the site at Leyes Lane. To this end, we are hoping to erect a new
fence along the boundary of the school. We want to restrict vehicular access
and eliminate the possibility of intruders entering the school site to ensure
that the safety of our pupils and staff is of paramount importance.

We are currently updating our intranet in preparation for launching a new
virtual learning environment from January. Parents can access the intranet in
the normal way, if any parent is unclear as to how to log in, please contact
school reception for the user name and password. At the start of next term,
parents will be able to see information about their sons/daughters academic
achievement and attendance, but access will be restricted so that data will
remain confidential to individual families. At the start of next half term, we
will be sending out questionnaires to all parents as part of our annual survey.
The results of these are analysed externally and provide useful information for
our school priorities. We would be grateful if you could find time to complete
the questionnaire and return to school by the end of the second week back.

Shortly after we return to school from the half term break, we will be holding
our annual Awards Evening. Looking back on last year, it was a very successful
and productive year in which our students achieved a great deal, both within
lessons, and in extra curricular activities. Not everybody can be a recipient of
an award but as an inclusive school, I would like to congratulate all students
who have worked to the best of their ability over the last year.

Our community police officers have visited the school and leaflets have been
distributed to all students via registers, reminding students of the importance
of safety precautions with regard to fireworks at this time of year. I hope that
students and families will enjoy bonfire evenings and firework displays with
I hope that you have a good half term break.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely
H.H.S Abbott, Headteacher

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