Tuesday 26 October 2010

News about whatsinKenilworth.com

This website was created on 1 April 2010, now with over 250 posts and 617 indexed pages by Google, over 7,000 page views have been recorded from 57 countries (the official Kenilworth Town Website has only 162 indexed pages and The Kenilworth Chamber of Trade 184).

In the UK alone, visitors have come from 224 cities with 71% of those visitors sent by Google Search.

The most viewed pages are The Orangery Flower Shop (411 visits), May Vaughan Salon (200), Kenilworth Youth Centre (197) and Joe Richards (145).

TMDP and whatsinKenilworth.com have now developed some stand lone websites like theorangeryflowershop.com and techpoint.biz with links to other Kenilworth businesses like Charles Ager, The Little Clothes HorseClarks and New House Farm. As well as Kenilworth School and companies outside of Kenilworth like Supply Teachers Coventry who now receive over 1,000 page impressions a day from Google Maps. This website was created for the people of Kenilworth to find things fast in this new digital world - where other more analogue ways are failing.

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