Friday 5 November 2010

Kenilworth School Newsletter 5 Nov 2010

Read this week's Kenilworth School Newsletter. From next week there will be no paper newsletters going out to any parents in Year 7, so it's digital only - that may mean the whole school, but waiting to find that out from the school.

Dear All,

Next week we will be holding our Annual Awards Evening and we welcome Jim
Lawless as our guest speaker at the event. Looking back on last year, it was
very successful and productive and our students achieved a great deal both
within lessons and in extra curricular activities. I would like to take this
opportunity to congratulate all our students who have worked to the best of
their ability and although only a proportion of students will receive an award
next week, it is important that they know that their efforts and contribution to
the school are equally valued.
During December and January, we will be running a number of presentations
to Year 11 students in their PSE lessons led by a number of visitors from a
range of professions. The aim is to provide our students with examples of the
pathways they have taken to reach the point at which they find themselves
now. Our speakers will be best placed to provide an understanding of all the
different types of jobs that young people might aspire and the qualifications
that they will need to fulfil their ambition. These presentations would form an
essential part of the enhancements we are making to the 'Information, Advice
and Guidance' (IAG) we give to our students at key transition points.

I spoke to some parents earlier this week who informed me that they would
find it very helpful if the school could let them know as early as possible, the
details of the trips and visits that are scheduled to take place later this year.
Please see a list our visits and trips which are published in this newsletter. This
can also be found on the parent pages of the school intranet.

As mentioned in my last newsletter, we will be sending out a questionnaire to
all parents shortly. I should be most grateful if you would return the
completed questionnaire to Mrs Renshaw at reception at Leyes Lane.
Feedback from parents is always useful because it helps us to agree shared
priorities for the school in the future.

The PTA always work hard to support the school and they will be organising a
range of exciting events to raise money during the year. In the near future,
there will be a special section in the newsletter which will incorporate news
from the PTA. If any parents wish to join the PTA, please contact Mrs Bolshaw,
Chair of the PTA.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely
H.H.S. Abbott  Headteacher

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