Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Orangery Flower Shop in Talisman Square

The Orangery Flower Shop
19 Talisman Square
01926 859712
Mon to Fri 9-6pm
Sat 9-5pm, Sun Closed
 This shop also stocks the PTMD Collection as a Style Partner, see www.ptmduk.com

The Orangery now have their own website at:  www.theorangeryflowershop.com as it will provide a welcome expansion for their business after growing out of this page. Their website was designed by TMDP (www.themikedownespage.com)

After spending time with Gabrielle Robbins (the owner) I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for not just flowers, but pollination and the role of the bee. Gabrielle is fascinated with flowers and that natural enthusiasm shines through, especially the love of species from England, which is very interesting as many blooms come from Holland - with some imported from as far away as Columbia and Ecuador. I am told The Flower Council of Holland is excellent for general information and there is a Flower Council UK website as well.

For those who do not know, an Orangery was a building found in fashionable residences in the 17th to 19th century where citrus trees were often wintered. The shop has been converted to incorporate a roof lantern to provide natural light for the flowers. The Orangery Flower Shop is at the rear of Talisman Square directly facing Waitrose. Home delivery is now offered along with floral arrangements for Weddings and Special Occasions. The Orangery now has a Google Owner Verified Business Listing.

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