Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kenilworth and Warwickshire - what should this site report?

When I started wiK, 10 months 2 weeks 5 days ago (April 2010), I had no idea what would happen and how much interest it would create. I hadn't heard of Hyperlocal or Citizen Journalist - but I do now and so it seems does everyone else. I've met with the BBC in Coventry and now in a few weeks it will be the BBC in Birmingham (I am not allowed to talk about that at this stage).

In this short post, all I want to say is I started this site about Kenilworth, but as you have read, it has spread to many Warwickshire issues. I have started and have plans for other Warwickshire Towns. But for now, I am mindful that the County is suffering and local news papers (you know who you are) are not asking the right questions and not sending the reporters to cover the events that matter. I'm also amazed at how slow other news organisations are - they are suffering too. As someone said to me a few weeks ago, What I like about your site is that it's informative and not about you. - I will take that as a compliment.

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