Thursday 3 March 2011

Twitcam - The New Way to Embrace a Community

Screen Shot from a broadcast
Over the last few weeks, I have been getting involved in Twitcam (which is linked to Twitter). For those who do not know, it works like this. Logon to Twitter, Logon to Twitcam, start broadcasting live video, Tweet the link and that's it. Viewers (who are logged into Twitter), can post real time questions (or comments) and have them answered (or influence) the broadcast. So who has used it? Here's the list so far in date order:

@Coventry_Police (Insp Alastair Orencas) Two Twitcam Broadcasts (one archived).
@kerryblakeman (CI Kerry Blakeman) Two Twitcam Broadcasts (one archived with Simon Shilton Operations Commander West Midlands Fire Service).  @ErdingtonLDG (Police, Fire and many other groups)  Two Twitcam Broadcasts (@wills_5590 and  @Neil_Grif WMFS Both Archived ). 

The next Twitcam (from Police and Fire) will be on 22 March with @kerryblakeman and @spshilton. However, there are plans for a special Twitcam from Warwick Library on 17 March 2011 with @808Kate, @Kaz_Ram and @wiKenilworth when the next Warwickshire SMS takes place.  This is an event when anyone can learn how to improve their social media, blogging or web skills (for free) - why not come along?

Lastly, we look forward to some Twitcams in the very near future from @InspWestMidsPol, @DIWestMidsPol and @CIPayneWMPolice

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