Thursday 7 June 2012

How to setup your YouTube Channel for LIVE Featured Tab Broadcasting for Hangouts On Air

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How to setup your YouTube Channel for LIVE Featured Tab Broadcastingfor Hangouts On Air Steps 1, 2 and 3 are good, however .. step 4 involves manually checking the LIVE On Air ..

EDIT: Go to 3, .. Manually Select the On Air you are about to Broadcast .. Do this BEFORE you click red button, BROADCAST .. I will send some feed back to Google/YouTube .. #hangoutsonair  

h/t +Sarah Hill see it LIVE: Eureka Moment at 8:15

This post's had 112 shares so far .. it seems there is a need for people to have their YouTube account setup in this way .. But What's the Point? .. 

Making it easy and simple for folks to find your Hangouts On Air .. just give the channel and the time .. go to YouTube, see a screen that says, the event will start in a few minutes .. that's it .. player will spring to life automatically ..

Here are three examples:

Remember, when the channel is not in use.. just choose featured video for your visitors ..

START PLAYER at 8:15 .. for the discovery moment ..

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  1. Mike,
    Thanks for the post... In your opinion, is this what we need to do to make the HOA video easily seen on our YouTube channel, or will there be another change coming soon?

    Looks like we have to go to the YT channel and select something before the HOA starts, then return to the YT channel and select something else after the HOA video is finished... is that right?


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