Monday 11 June 2012

Our Adventures with Spreecast: Test number 5

Here's what happened on the Spreecast Test No 5. I created a channel a four months, when I tried a few times to join a few broadcasts. All that happened then, was a browser crash.

After seeing a blog post announcing some updates and improved features a few days ago, I delighted to say it's a lot better and there are some great features.

Spreecast is a Social Video platform that lets people broadcasting together. As everyone knows, we use Google Hangouts all the time. So, with the introduction of Chad LaFarge's Pro Studio App for Hangouts letting broadcasters have more tools, I was keen to see what Spreecast had to offer. 

We are looking for the ability to run smooth and fast flowing broadcasts where often, we have many comments and the text chat gets crowded. Spreecast allows a multitude of comments, chat and topic tools underneath and to the right of the broadcast screen. Most are a combination of activating and dragging them into and out of the main screen.

I will be testing again over the next few days. So, this post is just proof, that we are experimenting and learning. If you need assistance, find My Channel and the Spreecast Help pages. I've read a Spreecast only needs to be embedded once, so if the player below changes to another show, find Mike's Test No 5 here. Audio starts at 4.30mins. No idea why that is ..

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