Sunday 6 January 2013

The Google+ Community for Hangouts Rangers is now open

Google+ Communities was launched on 6 December 2012. Hangouts Rangers™ is a community group I own and moderate. 

It has a modest 135 members, which is on task and relevant compared to some other groups assisting people with Hangouts On Air.

Hangout Rangers™ is an Education Service for TV News, Broadcasters, Business, Media, Law Enforcement, Police, NGOs, Charity, Musicians and Celebrities.

For me, this sums up what I'm trying to achieve by placing myself second. Every teacher should do this.

In 1928, the first Director of the National Park Service, Stephen T. Mather, reflected upon the early park rangers. We think he was talking about Google Hangouts:  

They are a fine, earnest, intelligent, and public-spirited body of men, these rangers. Though small in number, their influence is large. Many and long are the duties heaped upon their shoulders. If a trail is to be blazed, it is send a ranger. 

If an animal is floundering in the snow, a ranger is sent to pull him out; if a bear is in the hotel, if a fire threatens a forest, if someone is to be saved, it is send a ranger. If a Dude wants to know the why, if a Sagebrusher is puzzled about a road, it is ask the ranger. Everything the ranger knows, he will tell you, ex-cept about himself.

Resources To find out more about Google+ Communities visit Circle Count Communities where the largest groups, as Sun 6 Jan 2013 2pm UK, are Space 69,568, Android 57,540 and Landscape Photography 48,596. There are over 30,800 Communities already formed in just 4 weeks, since 6 Dec 2012. Learn More Google Official Site

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