Saturday 29 December 2012

Peter Wilson MBE, on his Gold Medal in the Shooting Double Trap all from his Google+ Hangout On Air 8 Aug 2012

I was delighted, like the rest of the country, to hear that Peter Wilson has been appointed MBE (BBC News, 29 Dec 12).

When asked to think of a few best Hangouts in 2012, this one shot to the top of the list.

For me, Peter Wilson is the complete package from a simple beginning of typing into Google, Start Olympic Clay Pigeon Shooting. 

What inspires me the most is the advice he gave to others in the Hangouts. He speaks clearly to hammer home an idea like, No one, absolutely no one should have the right to say Stop.

Here's my original Google+ posts (slide and video) and the Hangout to watch again. Look out for 00:55 the gold medal, 2:40 the mental game, 3:55 technology, 5:54 hand moulded grip, 6:25 eliminating errors, 9:21 google, 10:25 breathing and the 12:05 Life Advice. In the hangout, were: +Molly Austin +Ayoub Khote +David Amerland ..

You can follow Peter Wilson at Twitter and visit his website at:

The Video

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