Wednesday 22 June 2011

School Lane Road Resurfacing - So much for the Tow Away Zone...

School Lane Resurfacing
I reported a a few weeks ago how WCC had put out the signs 24 Hour Tow Away Zone in Abbey Hill. I guess the same happened here in School Lane.

Question: What do you do if a car is still parked on the day of resurfacing? A Tow it Away B Tarmac Around it or C Tarmac Over it. WCC Roadworks, is that your final answer? (Will tweet them now).

UPDATE from twitter: @WiKenilworth The answer is B. We do encourage cars to move from areas about to be tarmaced but will work around them.  @WiKenilworth We'll come back to School lane at later date. We stress that it is very helpful if people move their cars before tarmaccing.

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  1. For goodness sake show the number plates - name and shame I say

  2. Personally with Ref to name and shame I wouldn't have shown the number plates and would have done exactly as wiK has done. No doubt WCC will know who's car it is! Well one would have thought so at least. I say make them pay for the return visit of the Road Workers

  3. In my view, unanswered questions equal doubt. Doubt equals be fair and that means smudge the number plates. WCC confirm residents given ONE day notice to remove a car - does that equal name and shame/

  4. I didn't realise it was only one days notice. Therefore there is something fundamentally wrong with planning a project and communication.
    Once had a boss that said Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail


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