Wednesday, 22 June 2011

School Lane Road Resurfacing - So much for the Tow Away Zone...

School Lane Resurfacing
I reported a a few weeks ago how WCC had put out the signs 24 Hour Tow Away Zone in Abbey Hill. I guess the same happened here in School Lane.

Question: What do you do if a car is still parked on the day of resurfacing? A Tow it Away B Tarmac Around it or C Tarmac Over it. WCC Roadworks, is that your final answer? (Will tweet them now).

UPDATE from twitter: @WiKenilworth The answer is B. We do encourage cars to move from areas about to be tarmaced but will work around them.  @WiKenilworth We'll come back to School lane at later date. We stress that it is very helpful if people move their cars before tarmaccing.

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