Thursday, 19 May 2011

How I use Twitter and How to Get Started for those who don't

@wiKenilworth on an ipod
I've been asked to run some training sessions on Twitter, so an easy way to start, is tell you how I use it and and how you can get started if you don't. If you use Twitter already - great, pitch in and add a comment to this post.

I joined Twitter as @wiKenilworth on 3 December 2010, 167 days ago. Since then, I've made 1,370 tweets, follow 163 others and have 252 followers - so, that's about eight tweets a day.

I normally use twitter on a laptop, sometimes on an ipod and rarely on a smartphone. If I follow an account, then I read what that person tweets. The more accounts I follow - the more reading. That gives me an insight into their information, links and news - what I need to know. Most of the accounts I follow are useful and unique.

Mainly, my own tweets as wiKenilworth, are a title and link to the blog posts I write. From there, I tweet to ask questions or offer help when someone needs it.  If anything is vaguely uncertain, then I send a Direct Message (DM). However, you cannot send a DM unless someone follows you too.

From the 252 followers I have, I will only follow them back if there is a reason. I will not follow them just because they follow me (sorry folks, just being honest). If I'm working on a particular issue, I may follow an account for a while and then leave. And that's it. I've also set up my smartphone to alert me when I receive an @mentions or a DM. I am new to Twitter lists and have created only two: Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire Councillors.

To start using twitter yourself, get past the silly name and the word tweet. I think of it as FMCC - Fast Message to Contact a Commnunity. Some say email is so yesterday, in many ways it is. Go to and open an account. This post is long enough, so part two will focus on opening an account, following people and then see who follows you back. 

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