Monday 1 July 2013

The Solutions Journalism Resource Page - Today, I'm going to change the World..

David and Sarika are just two members of the team at SJ 
On reading a post about activism journalism at Nieman, I explored every link.

Which lead to Solutions Journalism containing some powerful, yet simplistic ideas - I use simplistic as a massive compliment to the team at SJ.

But wait, the idea is also brainbox complex - that's the solution and the creative part.

As Anthony Hopkins said in Mission Impossible,This is not mission difficult, Mr. Hunt, it's mission impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.

In the spirit of Today, I'm going to change the World - we may find the solutions ranging from easy through to difficult - but never impossible.

The reason for posting this resource page: To link to later - I post in volleys at Google+ when I passionate about something (some recent posts on this topic).

What follows, four videos from short, medium and long. Leave some comments, remember all comments at this blog post at g+ as g+ comments post here at my blog.

Resources:  There are many, the checklist above and a brilliant example in pdf form are all at

I have a modest five video Playlist at my YouTube Channel.

I would much rather you go explore the SJ website, like I did, than me link to too many pages in this post.

I'm also looking to encourage the team to use Hangouts On Air LIVE at YouTube (I have messages out on that one). Especially as my friends at +Al Jazeera America are now holding Open Editorial Hangouts (28 June 2013 with +Lisa Fletcher). 

Note on the title of this post: I've used, Today I'm going to Change the World as opposed to We're going to change the World for a reason. It's written from the journalists point of view. Writer's spend hours thinking, researching and typing alone. It's only when the idea gets released, does it become We ..

Starter Video (1:39)..

Medium Video (5:07)..

+Sarika Bansal at TEDxColumbiaSIPA (7:54)

+David Bornstein at TEDxBYU (20:00)

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