Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Tesco Eat Happy Project #connectedclassrooms Resource Page

tesco eat happy project
Screenshot from Eat Happy Project at 4:09
When new things happen, I make a resource page collecting together everything I can find in one place.

You will find  all I can find out about the project including the press release, google+ pages and posts, youtube channels and videos, news clips and useful links.

Tesco made the announcement on their website One million children to learn about where food comes from (27 Jan 14). The first stage is called Farm to Fork (there are two videos in the playlist below). Schools should register their interest (ready for 25 Feb 14).

The best way is to visit Farm to Fork Trails (I will prepare a map). But there are 100s to choose from ie many Greenvale, Wye Fruit Ltd, Tesco Extra and Dobbies.

Social Sites and Links Tesco have a page at Google+ with over 50,000 followers. But this is where the fun starts as under the Google banner rests Google+, YouTube, Android and so many more services.

The main Tesco Youtube Channel has 1,643 subscribers. But Tesco have created a new channel called the Eat Happy Project (it's embedded below). It was launched a day ago and boasts 31 subscribers. Sharp eyes will see the link to another Google+ page called Eat Happy Project. Every new youtube channel gets a page, that's all part of the Google+ YouTube Comment integration.

YouTube is a big deal, so collaboration is the YouTube name of the game. Enter +SORTED Food who have 650,936 subs at youtube (their videos have 49.7 million views). They started out three years ago as four friends who wanted to share their passion for food.

Google's Connected Classrooms started way back as Virtual Field Trips (see my resource page). The #connectedclassroms Google+ Community (launched Nov 12 and now with 4,286 members) is run out of Google Education, New York (look out for +Connor Swenson's weekly Office Hours Hangout On Air).

What's interesting about Tesco, they have many Youtube Channels like Tesco Media (1,042 subs), Tesco Lifestyle (5,337), Tesco Food and Wine (6,645) or even Tesco Polska (2,079 and 5.8 million views - that's more than the main Tesco channel with 3.3m views). There are also Tesco Clothing and Technology channels. The point here, how Tesco have many channels as opposed to just one super channel.

Of course Tesco are at Twitter (many many accounts). And as expected there is a new account called @EatHappyProject (527 followers [edit 10pm 963], main Tesco twitter has 135,000+, Tesco Offers 147k).

We live in a blended reality. Primary School children are aged 4 to 11 - they have known nothing else from frozen counter at Tesco and 2, Child to me, I never knew that crisps were made from potatoes.
Tours are Free
birth except digital. Tesco are a walk in store, an online store and they feed us - but if children have never seen a chicken lay an egg or a cow produce milk then education like this must be key. When i was a teacher I remember to things 1, Where does Chicken come from?

The Eat Happy Project Nine Video Playlist

Wednesday 29 January update

+Gabby Logan has helped launch the project.

Here's the tweet (with the link) and the video.

With any new project, it's worth tracking the digital waves, in other words - what the web knows and shares..

You can find Gabby at Google+ as google.com/+gabbyloganofficial but it's a new account, Twitter has 309,000 followers and seems to be the go place (for now).

I do like the byline of Wife of a Scottish Farmer on the header..

The Tweet
The Video

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