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Domino's Pizza in Leyes Lane: How to find out more and ask proper questions

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Update (21 Aug 2011): Opening Hours for this store: Domino's Kenilworth - open every day at 10.00 am closing at 11.00pm apar from Fri and Sat: open until midnight. For orders, call 01926 856888. (Note: Will check when the store opens officially).

What do we know about Domino's Pizza coming to Leyes Lane in Kenilworth? Here's a run down of all that I've found out about the issue. 

The local KWN (Monday 8 August), in a lazy advertorial churnalism post, merely stated a few facts, but there is so much more to it than that. Why is this newspaper not asking proper questions and bothering to investigate a story with hidden issues?

It all started with a planning application to WDC on 9 May 2011 (W/11/0594) where plans for new signs were proposed. I assume there was no change of use as the shop unit was already trading as take away food. Permission was granted on 26 July (with two objections from local residents, but none from Kenilworth Town Council).

There was no mention of Kenilworth School and their reaction to the proposals. News at the end of July before the school term ended was a new catering company (Innovate) were to initiate serving healthy meals for the students. This will be the first time finger print scanning will be used and the students need no money in their pockets. Parents will also be view their child's lunch time meal on the internet. This must be a fantastic move for Kenilworth School.

So what can we expect of Domino's Pizza in Leyes Lane? The closest outlet in Warwick serves food from 10.00am to midnight, 6 days a week (11pm on a Sunday). The Coventry store is open until 5.00am seven days a week. 

Domino's is the third American brand now in Kenilworth after Starbucks and Subway.  Does this mean that McDonald's,  Pizza Hut, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken are also welcome should they apply?

A Press Release was issued by Domino's Pizza on 29 July which gives details of the newly created jobs and how to apply. background and company history is also given. There has also been a Domino's Pizza Facebook page created and already has 379 friends

Finally, can I draw attention back to The Kenilworth Weekly News for producing an article that raises no questions that such a recognisable brand takes up a position opposite the only secondary school in the town. If the local paper produces free editorial adverts (like this one) - it should clearly say so.

UPDATE Thurs at 4pm: KWN have updated their web edition of this story by saying another article is coming and not everyone is happy about it. What the pizza place, the earlier article or both?

UPDATE: 12 Aug 3pm, KWN Web edition - New Domino’s Pizza store to open in town

Footnote: Here at wiK, it is not our intention to point fingers at what we do not like and tell the world, but rather is to look at a larger picture and see where we fit in. And if that means, we can provide something useful and unique - then we have a place at the table.  

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