Tuesday 21 January 2014

Mike Downes Creative Media - Why I'm Posting this Image

mike downes creative media google.com/+mikedownes
Mike Downes Creative Media
Every once in a while we update the way we look.

Google knows what we all look like on the web - if you want to know yourself take a look: www.google.com/settings/me

This post need not be long, all it needs to achieve a this stage - it's just here. Google will do the rest.

You'll notice we have this text:

Mike Downes Creative Media google.com/+mikedownes .. Teacher Creative at Mike Downes Media .. www.whatsinkenilworth.com .. youtube.com/themikedownespage.. https://twitter.com/mikedownesmedia ..

Maker of #bloggertalk   #ukconnectedclassrooms   #ukpolicestation .. http://youtu.be/3i75mM2GnBQ .. 

Anyone Can Do This .. Marmaros Studios .. Curious Creative Consistent .. 1 +1 = more than 2 .. Magic

And let's end with a video ..

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