Saturday 19 September 2015

How to Live Steam Mobile Games to YouTube

slide shows OBS overlayed on live stream -
this is a collage, not a real feed
It's SO EASY to Live Stream Android or iOS Mobile Games to YouTube.

Of course there's a suggestion Gaming YouTube will make that easier. It's expected an App update will be available soon (the verge, 16 sep 15).

In the meantime, follow these steps..

1, Download the app (on android or iOS) and Instal Zoom for desktop.

2, Open a Meeting for the desktop and mobile (I have used win10 laptop and a Nexus 7). Mute mics on both mobile and desktop.

3, Screen Share your chosen game (I've used Pro Pool 2015).

4, Open OBS and Create a New Scene: I've used Video Capture and Window Capture (Edit the Scene as needed). You can arrange the scene and add as many sources as you wish - I have used just the two.

5, Start Streaming to YouTube (or Start Recording to local drive - or both). I have used 360p and 15fps - play around until you get some good settings to match your bandwidth (my settings are based on low bandwidth ie 7 meg down, 0.74 up)

The audio you hear is OBS capturing my laptop mic and the sound from the speakers from the mobile (zoom does not send audio to the meeting).

I've made a playlist, video 1 is How to where videos 2, 3 and 4 and example streams. there is also a Live Streaming with OBS playlist and a search label: live streaming collection.

Resource list, as always long links: (choose free plan for 1:1 meetings)
zoom help

I use OBS as the youtube live encoder - many videos at my channel for OBS help..

featured game: Pro Pool 2015

refs: YouTube Live Streaming Guide

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