Thursday 10 September 2015

How to make One Live Streaming YouTube Page complete with Twitter feed and Never Change It

This works brilliantly and is SO easy to do.

You'll need just two things:

1, A live streaming account

2, A twitter account. That's it.

For example, which also works as the very cool looking (especially on mobile).

Step One From a YouTube Channel (yours or anyone else's) click Share, Embed and copy the code, paste into your website.

Step Two From a Twitter account or hashtag, click More Options, Embed this Search. Create your Twitter widget, copy code and paste into your website..

You can also see I have my twitter account embedded to the right of this page, use it to tweet me and feel free to add the test hashtag as #mikeLIVE ..

All done, painless and easy - so never miss a live event again. And many thanks to the baby Kestrel that took part in my testing :)

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