Sunday 11 December 2016

The Android RecForge II Resource Page

RecForge II collage
Recording decent audio is a vital, and as such a necessity. Get it wrong and your audience will leave you faster than a child when the ice cream runs out.

If a video is pretty rubbish to look at, but has great audio - it's watchable. If a video has fantastic looking cinematography but terrible audio where you cannot hear a mumbled word an actor says - you have big problems.

These days, with cheap mobiles having quad core processors and with android more popular than ever with a 72% Worldwide market share, it's vital to get a selection of brilliant and seamlessly hardworking Apps on board.

In my experience, users crave good audio and get quite upset when they record and it goes wrong. i say that as I have a few videos that have passed 100,000 youtube views. My title says it all, How to clean audio ..

Not going to lie, audio editing on android has been a bit tricky to find a good app, but with RecForge II I'm delighted, even elated, to see it working so fantastically. Get the Pro App from the Play Store - there is also a Lite version.
concat - merge

In this post, you'll find a few video I've made and also a few I've found already on YouTube.

The Video Playlist from my channel. In video 2, it would be handy to see this slide on Concatenate and Merge.

If you have used RecForge II or have user experience to share, please let me know. I'll update this post as I see new features.

This post in many ways goes hand in hand with the previous one on the brilliant and so useful Power Director video editing app (5 Dec 16).

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