Monday, 5 December 2016

The Android Power Director Resource Page

edit screen from Moto E this morning
PowerDirector, yes spelt as one word, is a mobile app from Cyberlink. I believe it was released for tablets and then for phones (maybe late 2015).

Get the App from the Google Play Store.

On my test using a Moto E 2nd Gen, I used 22 short clips and expected very little. I say that as I've never found an app so far that has match 'me with it'.

What I have seen has been so badly designed, gimmicky or expensive that it was like putting on an ill fitting jacket upside down. You just wanted it off your back and never to be seen again.

That said, I was astounded at the features, the speed and the ease that I created a short video. Almost identical to the way I work using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 on win10.

The Moto E 2nd Gen has a 4.5 screen so editing should feel pretty claustrophobic but it did not.

The beautiful thing - adding the voice over. I chose a poem, plugged in my JVC HA-EBR80s (which have a headset mic) and recorded in one take.

It was quite surreal and comfortable. If I record a voice over on win10 with Vegas (with my Zoom H1 mic), I have this anxiety that I am in some 'race' with the timeline.

And how impossible it is to match what I say with the clips and slides. I usually take the cowards way out and just avoid doing it. Which often means there is no video.

Instead, I use OBS and record my screen and voice together - that's usually what you see these days on my uploads, where I have used OBS in one take.

The effort comes with getting organised and having a mental teaching point running order, triggered by the chrome tabs I have arranged in a set order.

For some reason, this did not happen on mobile. In fact, I felt quite comfortable.

Which leads to to think this post is NOT about video editing at all, but rather the biggest technology of 'our mind' and how we use it to achieve a messaging, or  a story being told.

Even on telling a few people I know about PowerDirector, was not about creativity and freedom, it was segmented by an unnecessary watershed, 'Android versus iOS'.

That has to stop, in that the viewer, or a group audience will not give two monkeys if the video was shot on Nikon or Canon, or mics were Zoom or Tascam.

They will care and stay watching because of the story, the interest and the feeling.

Funny thing, I have the weirdest desire to get out in the cold winter air again tomorrow and record some short ten second clips. And then when I have that quiet moment, record a little spoken story over the top.

One technique I think I may use, taking my Zoom H1 with me. Record some decent ambient sound, knowing PowerDirector will allow multi audio tracks on the timeline.

Yes of course each HD video clip from Moto E will have audio, but not brilliant quality. As an aside have a ply around with Smart recorded for Android, and set the Mic as manual - then you will see the gain skip up and down quite hard. That's why a better Mic is better, if you have one.

There are two playlists below, one I have created based on a few videos I've found and the other from official Cyberlink.

Will report back.

Link to Cyberlink Customer Support 

Playlist with my test demo Frosty Morning video and four other help videos.

Playlist from Cyberlink ..

A few tweets about the topic earlier today ..

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