Friday 18 May 2018

How did you make that Video - The Royal Visit

This is a new series on video making education. We take a recent video and talk about how it's made. We look for clues that made it effective and watchable. We then take these lessons and use them to make better videos ourselves.

Episode 1 - The Royal Visit (this post)
Episode 2 - Ancient Maya
Episode 3 - Nat and Friends Will Computers

In this example, it's the recent Royal visit to Australia and Vanuatu uploaded by the The Royal Family UK. To get the best out of this lesson, watch this video, it's 3 mins long and form the basis for the in depth video lesson deconstruct.

I have used the term 'video deconstruct' privately for years as that's what I call it when i watch a film or video and figure how it was made.

And as this video is 19 mins, i fully expect people to watch it at x1.25 or x1.5 speed -- i watch many videos at this speed. I also have tried to speak clearly as a i can as this will allow a very decent auto captions, subtitles, transcript at youtube. That helps me auto-write a text blog post.

In the next episode, we look at the National Geographic's Ancient Maya 101 also at

The audio has transcript has 3,429 words, therefore in 19 mins = 180 words per minute. I make this observation, as typing a blog post like this takes time. Making a video and speaking clearly is another way of getting quite accurate written text.

In the previous post, YouTube and Me - One in a Billion, there were 6,245 spoken words at 37:30 mins = 167wpm meaning I was speaking faster this time.

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