Friday 25 March 2011

Library Consultations Meetings and Roadshows - No winners, many losers

Collated Meetings and Roadshows
WCC launched a series of Meeting and Roadshows two days ago to spread the word about the consultation process. There are five pages listing the dates: Stratford, North, Nuneaton and Bedworth, Rugby and Warwick District (pdfs at base of page). Each library has about one Public Meeting and a Roadshow drop-in session. 

But wait, the dates were launched on Wednesday and that gave Warwick only a few hours notice. And look at Lillington having their meeting on the very evening that the consultation ends ( 9 June 2011). 

In another curious move, WCC have launched a Library Consultation Blog to make the process as open and easy to access as possible. This is a great idea if it the blog can hit exactly the right notes. Early signs are linking to current news stories (wiK included). We have already left a comment on the blog and thankfully as I have contact with the team who updates it all - it should make it a lot easier.

In the meantime, wiK have collated all the Meeting and Roadshow dates into some easy to read colour coded tables (Download your copy now). You can see, the closer to 9 June 2011 your event is held - the less time you have to prepare a plan to save your library from cuts or closure. Definitely No Winners and Certainly Many Losers. (Any errors, let me know, click to open in a new window or download a copy).


  1. I notice that the first public event at Warwick was on the day the dates were released on the website. That didn't give the public a chance to attend and voice our disgust at what WCC is going to our libraries.

  2. This paper-pushing exercise is no "consultation". Where are the sections referring to library closures and cuts in hours and services? Where is the section that states WCC is taking away a service from it's own citizens and yet providing one to the people of Solihull! I do despair at the people running our counties library service, I really do.


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