Sunday 13 March 2011

Saving Bulkington Library - Press Release from the Residents

Bulkington Library (photo WCC)
From the Residents: This week sees a significant event in our continued campaign to save Bulkington Library from closure.Thursday 17th March the Cabinet meets to discuss proposals to review the Library services currently provided in Warwickshire.

A group of Bulkington residents, County Councillor John Ross and Member of Parliament Mr Mark Pawsey are meeting at 1.30pm at Shire Hall Warwick to present a petition to keep the Library open (currently 3095 signatures with more to collect) to the County Councillor Leader Alan Farnell.

Bulkington has been identified on a list of sixteen libraries as being unsustainable. The County Council intend to carry out a consultation process that will allow people to put forward their views and opinions on future library provision.

The people of Bulkington and surrounding villagers have already expressed their concerns and firmly believe that Bulkington Library should not be considered for closure.

If Bulkington Library is not be removed from the list for closure on the 17th March 2011 cabinet meeting this, despite the clear message given to our County Councillor John Ross and our M.P. Mr Mark Pawsey by local residents at a public meeting we move forward in order to protect our Library service

We have been advised the first date for consultation on the review of Library services will be held the following week. When we get confirmation of the date we will announce through the press and notices will be posted at the Library, around Bulkington and surrounding villages.

Mary Beaumont (tel: 02476 732162)

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