Friday 3 June 2011

Warwickshire Deputy Chief Constable Andy Parker Joins Twitter

@ajwp11 Twitter Profile
On 26 May 2011, DCC Andy Parker of Warwickshire Police joined Twitter as @ajwp11. Please follow Andy Parker and hear what he has to say. He's made 15 tweets, has 43 followers and is following 29 other users.

So far, Andy Parker has admitted to sitting with a cup of tea while giving twitter a go, learning how to use a new ipad, spending a day learning about beekeeping and believing in hope - he supports Burnley (and holds season tickets). Tweets have also mentioned policing such as Birmingham Pride, the Drink and Drug Driving Campaign and a trip to the Home Office in London. 

Many other twitter users welcomed DCC Parker, messages came from: @StuartHyde@Sasha_Taylor@nickkeane, 'This is good to see The 464th UK Cop who tweets is DCC Andy Parker @ajwp11 from #Warwickshire #Police Pls follow.' 

Other messages of welcome came from: @WarwickshirePA@lawscomm (from USA), @WarwickTweeter@CC_Lincs@Earlswood_Lakes@Wooloomooloo@ayymanduh@WMBirdClub, and @DIWestMidsPol.

The reason, I mention them all, is not one message came to @ajwp11 with any negative remark or comment. 

So, if the Deputy Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police is on twitter - then go on twitter, especially if you're a Police Officer in Warwickshire Police. Come on in and pull up a chair.

NOTE: As far as I am aware, DCC Parker is the first officer. By my calculations, Warwickshire Police could have 1,060 twitter accounts (PC/PCSOs). If only 10% signed up, 100 accounts would be fantastic.
Who will be the second? and third? and fourth? and fifth? and sixth? and seventh? and eighth...

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