Wednesday 2 November 2011

g+ How to Send a Message

 -  Nov 2, 2011  -  Public

This is way too easy, click Send a Message and you have a one:one without deleting all the Circles, Extended Circles, Public stuff. Example slide shows +Erika Stahoski and her pet camel.

More photos from Mike Downes

4 shares - Manuel Feliciano, Ron Jackson, Sébastien Boutet, and pio dal cin

Ravi sharma - yeah , its cool
Nov 2, 2011

Erika Stahoski - * llama
Nov 2, 2011

Ravi sharma - +Erika Stahoski hey This is on this pic ! woow !i just notice..
Nov 2, 2011

Erika Stahoski - Llama is going to eat Leads castle, then come after Mike.
Nov 2, 2011

Mike Downes - +Erika Stahoski OK, it's a Llama.. Llama Shmama
Nov 2, 2011

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