Thursday 17 November 2011

Computers and Adult Learning: Surely we could do more for those who need it most?

The Kenilworth Centre
Although this is national news, places like The Kenilworth Centre have recognised the need to stay ahead of the digital revolution

If this data were applied directly to Kenilworth, it would mean 3,576* people have never logged on to the internet.

With the libraries closing earlier and schools closed in the holidays - how are those adults going to get online? I put this question to Martha Lane Fox on 12 July 2010 at Downing Street.
Martha agreed, saying we have 500,000 computers in schools locked up every night and school holidays.

For people like us, it's almost alien to think there are those who have never logged on. That's 16.8 per cent of the adult population (in the UK).

More than 8.4 million Britons have still never been online despite a sharp fall in non-internet users, according to official figures.
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Mike Rouse  -  It would be interesting to see the source data for this as other research shows, for example, that although people in poorer areas don't have desktop/laptop access at home they do have access via internet-enabled mobile devices, which is sometimes not recorded in research like this. I'd like to know if this figure does include mobile or not - the article doesn't make it clear.
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Mike Downes  -  +Mike Rouse Good Point Mike, perhaps see ?
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Matt Lawrence  -  Hadrian's Firewall?
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Frances Uku  -  +Matt Lawrence: You a fool for that one :D
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* Data Source from Warwickshire Observatory  Total in Kenilworth 25,532. Adults: 21,287 x 16.8% = 3,576

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