Thursday 17 November 2011

The Kenilworth Weekly News: Print Digital Balance

When Digital met Print. The curious case of an ex Microsoft BBC iPlayer guy joining Johnston Press to help them find a solution.

Ashley Highfield said, ..the brands of the local newspapers are incredibly strong in local communities...the trick is to help move those brands into the digital age.'

On a local level, we have five JP Print Editions. Weekly price rose to 55p Jan 11 and 60p two weeks ago with circulation down average 6% across those five titles [ABC Certificates]

from the ABC Group Certificate
Latest move sees JP agree a three year deal with Local Stars to offer online video advertising 

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Update: Thursday 2.50pm from Roy Greenslade of The Guardian, UK..

Johnston Press chief fails to spell out wonders of an online future

Greenslade writes, Imagine someone saying then that the trick is to find the right balance between trains and stagecoaches or, later, between cars and horses.

Yes, newsprint newspapers exist and will go on existing for a while yet. But resources, investment and a great deal of thought needs to be channelled into online papers..

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