Friday 14 January 2011

Foxes in Kenilworth - Are they a Problem?

In June 2010, a fox entered a house in London and attacked two children while they slept (BBC News). Following that, experts said a cull would be needed to keep down Britain's out of control fox population. Further stories hit the media around the same time such as the woman who was sleeping and thought her cat was nibbling her ear - it wasn't. 

What is interesting, in my view, is how local Councils do not have to remove foxes. Warwick DC have produced a document called Urban Foxes outlining where a fox may live, why the council does not control them (it's difficult, expensive and rarely successful apparently) and what you can do about them yourself.

So what about Kenilworth? I live off Warwick Road - I've seen up to three foxes together wandering down the centre of the road, inspecting every house and being pretty relaxed about it. In six weeks time, the weather will turn and the occasional back door maybe left open. So is there a problem with foxes in Kenilworth? Kenilworth Pest Control and Search UK are the two experts in town - they don't seem to have many calls about foxes (as yet), but as I was told - it may help if people stopped feeding them.

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