Saturday 23 April 2011

Castle Farm from Fencing to Fires

Three weeks ago these photographs were taken showing 100 metres of missing (or ripped) wooden fencing. This is the far field at Castle Farm Recreation Centre in Fishponds Road where football fields meet open countryside. Many dog walkers and ramblers pass through the kissing gate each day. There is one burn patch on the grass which may of been evidence of a fire. Is this where the missing fencing ended up?

And now today (23 April), these photographs show how the council have replaced the missing fencing with metal and barbed wire. This time, it seems, large fencing posts and panels have been burned where only ash and blackened wood remain. 

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service have attended this scene three times in the past week. But it does not end there, fencing panels have also been removed from another fencing area behind a line of trees. There are three other smaller fire sites showing burnt catalogues, beer cans and timber.

Warwickshire Police and Fire, as well as local Councillors have been contacted in preparation for the Easter weekend when this area will be busy with walkers and children. It is too early to say why these fires have happened but Warwickshire Fire and Police are running ASBIT awareness this summer.  If you know anything about this issue, leave a comment below or email.

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