Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fantastic Story Telling by Coventry Fire Service - all by Twitter

Photos by Simon Shilton
Simon Shilton is the Coventry Fire Command Operations Commander. So how does he use Twitter? Brilliantly - that's how. What makes the tweets of Simon Shilton interesting are the three layers of story telling. Whether this is by clever design or just a natural gift I cannot say (I will find out though). 

In my view, the three layers consist of the professional (official), professional (unofficial) and private (but shared). From these elements, we have a whole picture of a Fire Commander - all by twitter.

The photo above was taken to accompany this tweet: Kingswinford fire ongoing. I've now left the scene, down to 8 engines. Hard working firefighters grab a break (24 April, 3.26am). 

Before that: Looks like we'll be in attendance for some time a whole load of rubbish (23 April, 9.56pm). 

The first tweet: Just in attendance at a 10 pump fire in Kingswinford (23 April, 9.27am).

For a professional, but unofficial example form Simon, try this: The modern fire service, what ever happened when we didn't have mobile email? Any spare minute, it's an addiction (1 April 12.30pm). 

I have no idea what makes a great tweet, but one quality may be making something quite ordinary seem timeless and yet comment on the changing world around us.

Here is the last element, private but shared: After a 72 hour on call shift I'm spending my day relaxing, me, myself and I. #peaceandquiet (14 March, 9.30am)

Simon's first ever tweet was: Just joined up! wanted to see what all the fuss is about! not a clue what I'm doing :) (22 Nov 2010, 8.36pm). Simon Shilton as @spshilton has made 1,481 tweets, follows 131 and has 140 followers. Great work - keep it up. 

By contrast, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue have one Twitter account  @WarksFireRescue which is from the service not individual officers. I will search for others. 

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