Friday 7 October 2011

g+ Ed Miliband

 -  Oct 7, 2011  -  Public
It seems I am trying to chase down a UK Politician to appear in a hangout, first job appears to be if +Ed Miliband is even on this account. I have no doubt it is the real Ed Miliband but if it's ghost written - then what a shame..

My objective is to ask anyone with something to say to guest in a hangout with me, beam it live and see what happens. Two of my friends appeared with . last week in New York, so surely it's easier to get +David Cameron +Nick Clegg or +Ed Miliband in a hangout - we will see.

If you want to leave a comment of support - be my guest..
Ed Miliband's profile photoEd Miliband originally shared this post:
I’ve just appointed Labour’s new Shadow Cabinet
Ed Miliband: New Shadow Cabinet Ed Miliband today appointed a new Shadow Cabinet. Six of the 2010 intake have been promoted, showing the Labour Leader’s determination to bring forward a...
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Samuel Hardy  -  I would definitely love to be a guest in this hangout and I think it is a great idea, best of luck with your endeavour :)
Oct 7, 2011   
Kartik Natarajan's profile photo
Kartik Natarajan  -  Good luck Mike, its a good idea. I am not sure any of our politicians would actually take this opportunity to engage with people in a meaningful way however. I would love to be a guest in this hangout and put some questions to any of the 3 party leaders.
Oct 7, 2011   
Mike Downes's profile photo
Mike Downes  -  +Kartik Natarajan There are two ways this will happen. Firstly, the BIG way where Google host the even on their YouTube Live Channel (like the Black Eyed Peas). hand picking the +ers along the way.

Then, there is the small way where said politicians message me and I do the rest. I know which way I would prefer.

And political aides/spin doctors (should you be reading this), I'm not looking to grand stand for my own gain, just looking to do what it says on the tin, namely - if you say you are on g+ be on g+ ..and hangout - as that's where the action and the fun is..
Oct 7, 2011   
Kim Bond's profile photo
Kim Bond  -  Upscaled, virtual surgeries - great idea!

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