Sunday 30 October 2011

g+ Code Breakers

 -  Oct 30, 2011  -  Public
Must share this as simple paper n pencil Maths at work [read simple as freakinly mind breakingly hard. ]

Documentary revealing how two men hacked into Hitler's personal super-code machine.

2 shares  -  Rob Wilmot and Rodolfo Buccico
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Gary Tivey  -  Stupid bbc player not available in US..= fail.
What's wrong with the BBC multimedia policies anyway?
Oct 30, 2011   
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Oct 30, 2011   
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Gary Tivey  -  Thanks +Mike Downes
I was going to repost it for one of my circles ---
I know the story myself...sorry the BBC is being short sighted here, but I understand Youtube imposes restrictions as well =)
Oct 30, 2011 (edited)   
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Cameron Smothers  -  I used this and it worked great for me! Glad I got to watch the documentary. It is extremely interesting.

Expat Shield (DM-232.exe) is software that reportedly enables people overseas to watch BBC TV
Oct 30, 2011 (edited)   
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Mike Downes  -  +Cameron Smothers Thanks, Glad it worked. I am steering clear of giving VPN advice as when I tried six months ago, software I found was full of bugs.
Oct 30, 2011    

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