Wednesday 10 June 2015

The Lucy Rose Music Story Sphere

From the moment I saw the Lucy Rose - I Tried video, I knew it could make a useful Story Sphere.

edit, jump to see finished Story Sphere at:

If you watch closely, you will see the shadow of the lamp post change over time - our reckoning about four hours?

In all that time Lucy would have a really in depth knowledge of the streets around her, the passers by and the sounds. It's important for me to say - I wish to not distract any attention from the official I Tried video, but enhance it while relating that back to what's happening on the edge of tomorrow.

In other words, how Google Maps, Street view, YouTube, Chrome, VR Cardboard and how people like you and me can all work beautifully together.

Here's what I did and hope Lucy and her team like it. You can view the Story Sphere on desktop, mobile, tablet and Cardboard. AND the big step how any beta test like this is a precursor to other wondrous inventions (like 360 video, Google Expeditions and Google Jump).

What I did..
  1. Watched the video and investigated the location (that was easy as a comment at youtube said, You are on Bishopsgate just on the crossing near Brushfield Street (DJ Grim). It turned out to be on the crossing at Bishopsgate/Middlesex St-Artillery Lane, but close enough (map)
  2. After looking at Google Street View on Maps, I opened up Google Earth Pro, record a street view tour and saved the video file.
  3. I imported the video into MS ICE - made a 360 degree photosphere, that had lots of visual noise, so used photoshop to clean that up and ensure the image was 4000 x 2000 pixels
  4. I then took a few screenshots of Lucu standing on the crossing, added that to the image along with more screen shots - this gave me the canvass I needed. Uploaded that as a New Story Sphere - checked it, it worked
  5. Audio files next, with permission, I made a few audio clips, saved as mp3 - added them one at a time to Story Sphere studio and lined them up (see previous help video from me on that). You can make or break a story sphere on the careful choice and position of audio - the more I do, hopefully the better they will become
  6. Added a proper title and some description text and a few hashtags - made that public.
  7. And I was done - the important part here, how the I Tried audio clip is rotationally ambient around a stem. In other words when you first open the story sphere the audio is in your right headphone - that may make you turn to the right and look for Lucy standing at the crossing (as I keep saying this is beta 1.0, so all a work in progress)
Resources and Links - the finished article is here: Lucy Rose Music - I have chosen not to embed it, as beleive a full screen experience is better for the user.

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