Monday, 7 February 2011

Kenilworth Library is open again as today - Monday 7 Feb 2011

As seen at University
Wait a moment - before everyone gets excited and thinks this Coffee Nation machine is installed. Sorry just an idea, read on...

The library has a very different feel to it now the large desk has been replaced with open space and the new self serve automated booths. There seem to be fewer study desks, but I am told they are now dotted around and not in the six seat cluster. There are some Warwickshire Direct booths with the Police Front Desk Services not opening until 28 Feb (when the Police Station itself closes).

All of the bookcases are on wheels, so they can be easily moved if needed. The library can then become a very interesting place to hold an event. The space would allow a large audience to enjoy something like music in these vital times when a library fights for it's survival. What is missing is something to make you relax and stay longer - maybe a hot drinks machine like this? Remember 16 hours may be cut from the opening times of Kenilworth Library. Read Blue Sky Thinking

The Library will close it's doors at the end of this week and will reopen with a new layout, new Police front desk services and the new self service facility.

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