Monday 31 May 2010

New Look Talisman Square

After all the demolition, this is what we can look forward to. Discovery Properties (Cobalt Estates) have put up a few blue boards with the Talisman Kenilworth web address and a big MORE SHOPPING! - irony at work here?

Looks to me like the developers have successfully saved some money on paying the business rates on those empty properties then. They have twelve other projects knocking around with nine completed and four ongoing (including Kenilworth). In my opinion, it looks like the big stuff like Waitrose, Homebase and the odd Vue Cinema are easier to slot into a large unit than the small ones with small businesses. We can see Darlington, Letchworth and Wells and next on the list for Discovery Properties.

So, no car park and with the promise that some Kenilworth Art will feature on the hoarding it looks like that's it until next year. Perhaps we can see the square come to life with some markets on a Saturday or the people of Kenilworth setting up some stalls of their own? Who knows.

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