Monday 27 December 2010

Save the Youth Service Petition reaches 465 online signatures

If you have not signed yet, then the race is on to get to 5,000 signatures by 31 January 2011 (from all sources, 1,267 at time of writing) to force a debate, when councillors meet in the chamber to discuss the plans on February 15, 2011. SIGN NOW see The Signatures Grow (Two Charts), first wiKarticle and the KWN with John Whitehouse

1 comment:

  1. Now stands at 1247 across our two online petitions and 924 signatures on paper... a grand total of 2171. Still some way to go but we've got just under 3 weeks til the petition is to be handed in. I am aware of anothere 1000 signatures on paper petitions that are still to be returned.

    Excellent progress

    Chris Spreadbury


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