Wednesday 1 December 2010

Kenilworth Connect Magazine December 2010

This is a test post of Kenilworth Connect and Kenilworth Community December 2010. As you may be aware these magazines are delivered to homes in Kenilworth. But, as they are a print copy advertisers will never know if their listing is ever seen. As one advertiser said to me, I advertise on the back cover as I know no one reads it, but when it is thrown down I have a 50-50 chance of getting my ad seen.

Please take a minute to leave a comment on the base of this page to tell us what you think of these titles and if you read them.

Kenilworth seems to take delivery of Kenilworth Community, Kenilworth Connect, An Invitation to Kenilworth (rarely)  and Looklocal. And then there are newspapers The Observer and The Times Live. Many people have said to me they never read some or all of these titles, but I have no real data to support this. As you may also know is a digital first publication with NO intention to go to print. With Google dominating  search and new technology dominating our pockets, wifi everywhere - any print publication is fading fast. Word is, the paywall will not work and advertisers are scared, worried of spending their money while getting little value for it. And with many of us having a TV with skyPLUS, we just skip the ads - no harm in that, it's our choice. Anyway, have a read:

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