Saturday, 18 December 2010

Wilko is coming to Station Road - what do you think?

Wilkinsons Website Front Page
NEWS STORE OPENING on or around Tuesday 19 April 2011

So, it appears that Wilkinsons have put in two planning applications (App One and App Two) to occupy the old Budgens Store in Station Road. So what does this mean for Kenilworth? 
Budgens closed it's doors in March 2005, the building has stood empty ever since. So how will this affect the neighbouring businesses? We have Buyrite opposite, Robert Dyas in the old Woolworths building, WH Smith and  The Handyman Centre all within a two minute walk. 
For me, it comes down to seeing if Wilko sell anything that existing Kenilworth Businesses do not already sell. Of course, getting the right product at the right price is always a consideration in these hard times. wiK is a digital first, so comments are always welcome - and being open and honest about it, wiK has many many readers now and NOT enough writers. So, new media like social media is a conversation, so let's have one. If you were the owner of Buyrite (or the others) - would you be pleased or worried that Wilko are setting up shop?


Karen Heap said...
I am the owner of The Little Clothes Horse children's store in Warwick Road. I think there are positives and negatives to Wilkinsons coming to Kenilworth. Another empty unit being filled in the town has got to be a good thing hasn't it? 

Kenilworth should be very proud of the number of empty retail units it has in town, as compared to other neighbouring shopping destinations we have very few. We are a bustling town with a variety of shops that offer a wide range of products. There have been several new businesses open in town since we opened in October last year and I think that is fantastic! 

Wilkinsons may offer some duplicated products to what some retailers may already sell, my own store in fact, but I think that the quality products that I sell and the good customer service that we provide will be enough to convince people to continue shopping with us. Small independent retailers often offer a personal shopping service and products different to main retailers and that is what makes then successful. Customers appreciate the quality service and are often very supportive of independent retailers.

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